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who I am, what I'm doing, and where I'm going.

I work with academic and industry experts to address complex financial and economic litigation problems presented to AM Law 200 clients. I enjoy working on in-depth data analyses and economic problems, but also enjoy managing teams to solve such problems. Ultimately, I love a challenging experience and strive towards constant learning. I am currently seeking opportunities to work on product analytics and management.

On a personal note, I am a San Francisco-based Canadian who is always interested in going on new hikes and hearing about new companies! I also enjoy planning corporate social events just for the heck of it, so please get in touch if you ever need an event planner! Would also like to hear from you if you would just like to chat :).


Western University's business school is a two-year program that starts in one's junior year, so students are encouraged to study whatever they'd like in their freshman and sophomore years. Economics seemed applicable to the world, relevant to business, and quantitatively challenging. I think I made the right choice.

Ivey Business School

Bachelor of Arts, Honors Business Administration

I developed a strong general business administration background at Western University's two-year business school, the Ivey HBA program. I took courses in Financial Modelling, Decision Making with Analytics, End User Modelling, and Economics, and achieved the Dean's Honor List for all semesters of the program.

Western University

Bachelor of Arts, Honors Global Economics

I took a deep dive into economics and statistics during my first two years at Western University, taking courses in Calculus, Econometrics, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics. I was one of two recipients in the entire class to receive the Walter J. Koenig Scholarship of Economics for academic excellence, and achieved Dean's Honor List for all semesters of the program.


I think big, and I think small. My background in management consulting and economics consulting means I grasp big picture concepts and small technical details quickly.

Cornerstone Research

Senior Analyst

At Cornerstone Research, I support industry and academic experts in providing quantitative financial and economic analyses for clients involved in complex litigation matters.

I had the exciting opportunity to work on United States of America, et al., v. Aetna Inc. and Humana Inc., a $34-billion dollar healthcare insurance merger. I built a Medicare enrollment dataset with >13M observations, and analyzed the enrollment patterns of Medicare-eligible patients using SAS and SQL. My analysis supported product market definition arguments that supported the DOJ in blocking the merger in 2017.


Strategy & Operations Consulting Analyst

At Deloitte, I worked closely with British Columbia-based crown corporations in strategically implementing an entirely new IT infrastructure, to the dismay of many of their older staff members. I also authored a research paper on best practices in crown corporation governance, and presented recommendations to upper management.


Marketing Ambassador

I worked with Universe during its very early years, when it sought to be a platform for shared local economies. I led a team of five entrepreneurial spirits to devise, implement, and measure marketing campaigns focused on driving website traffic. The campaigns resulted in accelerated user adoption on university campuses, and our friends picked up all sorts of random skills off the platform.

London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC)

Conference Ambassador

I helped organize LEDC's annual non-profit networking conference, and was charged with the responsibility of marketing and increasing attendance. My blood, sweat, and tears resulted in a startling 24% increase in attendance compared to the previous year! I had very happy superiors for months.

Sunshine Foundation of Canada

Pro Bono Consultant

At the Sunshine Foundation of Canada, I conducted market research on the competitive landscape of Canadian wish-granting NPOs. I authored a report that provided recommendations targeted at increasing donor dollars, program outreach, and volunteers.

Employable Skills

I have a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career (read: ~3 years). These skills make me a perfect candidate for project management and analytics-related roles across a variety of industries.

  • Program in SAS, SQL, Stata, and R
  • Excel all day and all night
  • Manage multiple project teams simultaneously
  • Communicate complex analyses to relevant stakeholders

Less Employable Skills

I'd like to think that these skills of mine would one day be good enough for someone to employ, but who knows? Regardless, this is what I like to do outside of work!

  • Stargaze during warm weather
  • Make chicken soup
  • Plan corporate social events - the bigger the budget, the better!
  • Hike into the wilderness and pretend I'm Brian Robeson from Gary Paulsen's Hatchet


I'd love to chat - please reach out!